A new home

Hello! :)

I've been contemplating for a while now, having a non-livejournal blog for my baking and recipes, and I figured today, hey, why not, right?

Probably to start out with, I'm just going to transfer the recipes over here, so there'll be a mass amount of posting to start out with. But as time goes on, I'll add recipes as I bake 'em. :)

A little about me: I'm Kristen, on that scary border between the mid- and late-twenties. I live in the Bay Area of California, but I'm originally from New Bedford, Mass., and have every intention of moving back there. California's wonderful, the weather's great, but it's not HOME, ya know? I live with my boyfriend, Dave, in a small apartment that has virtually no counterspace in the kitchen. (Therefore, all pie-making and sugar cookies are out due to lack of rolling space!)

I love to bake. That's my 'thing'. Cooking, well... I can make pasta, easy chicken recipes, a few things with ground beef, but other than that... like I say at the top, baking and cooking are two totally different things. :)

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