Holiday Madness

I think I'm done. We had one very hectic day yesterday, with shipping and shopping and spending more money than I really would've liked to, but it's done. Even the stocking stuffers. Whew.

Now Part Two of the baking. The local stuff. I only mailed out three baked goods this year... Amelia got the Andes Mint brownies, Henelyne got Nutella brownies (that girl loves chocolate like nothing else lol), and Johanna got these Gingerbread Bars (just minus the frosting.) UPS has promised me that they'll all get there by the 22nd or 23rd. It would be in poor taste to say how much those babies cost. ;)

With that being said, we're in the middle of a good-sized snowstorm. There's probably about 5 or 6 inches on the ground right now, plus another storm coming on Sunday. As I was making tonight's brownies (half to the folk that work at our local Starbucks, half to the house here), I realized I'm down to less than a cup of butter. Oh, this does not work. Come hell or high water snow, I really, really need to get some butter this weekend.

If all goes well, I'm doing some fun baking tomorrow morning. It doesn't have to given out, it's just because it'll be relaxing. Maybe. My time limit is getting smaller and smaller, and we still haven't watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation yet! ;)

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