Still alive!

We just got back from vacation yesterday afternoon. It was good. Spent a lot of time with my parents, helped around the house a bit (my parents were quite shocked when I wound up with 8 bags of garbage from the attic LOL), and relaxed. Spent a day in Newport (Rhode Island), since Dave had never been, and toured one of the mansions there (The Breakers). I've been to that one numerous times, but every time, there's always something that I hadn't noticed before.

I did do some baking, despite my dad's protests. He felt that since I was on vacation, I shouldn't be doing anything, despite how baking isn't work to me. I won out in the end, making my large-pan brownie recipe (which is posted somewhere around here), and my dad ate a good amount of them. :)

So I'll be back to my mostly usual baking/posting schedule this Friday. :D

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