Mother Nature's impeding on my plans!

So I knew yesterday that my normal Friday routine would be thrown out of whack. Northern California's getting hit with a pretty big storm and we've got a steady stream of rain coming down outside, not to mention the wind gusts. No walking over to the library, that's for sure.

But I figured I'd at least be able to get some baking in before my doctor's appointment at 3:45pm.

Well. Upon waking up, about ten minutes afterwards, my apartment looks like this:

(You can kinda see one of the water droplets. This was when it was slower. Now it's a very steady drip-drip-drip)

Now I'm at the mercy of the emergency maintenance folks. Hopefully they get here by 3pm. Otherwise, no clue.

And now you may be asking, "well, you can still bake, can't you?"

My lights keep flickering at a semi-alarming rate. With my luck, the cakelets would be in the oven and we'd lose electricity. *shakes fist in anger at sky*

Hopefully the maintenance folk arrive soon. The drip-drops do have the potential, I believe, to drive me nuts.

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