With a fangirl-ish squee

I do have a recipe to post, but that's happening either later or tomorrow.

Usually, I'm the last to find something out. Or to see a movie. The ones that everyone and their mother have seen? Yeah, I probably haven't. *shrug* Don't know why, just happens that way. (Except for LOTR and HP, of course) ;)

Anyways, I just discovered that not only does the King Arthur Flour website have a blog, they also have a shop! And truly, there was some squee-ing involved, particularly over the mini-cheesecake pans. And I may have swooned when I saw that I could get a print catalogue, so that I could circle all the stuff I want and send to my parents! (Ah, memories of the Sears Wishbook every Christmas...)

This ends my extremely dorky post. Snickerdoodle Bar Cookies will be making their appearance shortly. You may now continue with your reading.

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