No baking this week

It's been a week mostly filled with travelling. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to Disney World for my birthday. Never happened.

Until this past Tuesday. The 22nd.

We drove down to Anaheim on Monday (it's about a 6 hour drive, depending on traffic), spent the whole day in Disneyland and California Adventure on Tuesday, then drove back up yesterday. I had a really great time, and I'm glad that I chose to do it this year. Oh yeah. On the way back up, on Highway 5, there was snow! Sure, I'm a MA girl, but it's been FOUR years since I've been home in the winter.

Tomorrow, we set out to Ashland, Oregon, to visit Dave's parents. Which is another six hour drive, just in the opposite direction this time. I'm excited, I've never been to Oregon before. Although I'm really not looking forward to the temperatures. LOL I keep trying to convince myself that it'll be okay, that home will be colder. We'll see how I feel about this come Sunday evening!

So yes. A little mini-vacation, that's SOOOO well-needed. Now if only I could stretch it out a bit longer and not have to go to work. ;)

Oh, yeah. Almost forget. I had a fabulous slice of olallieberry pie at Casa de Fruita, off highway 152. :)

Life will be back to its usual schedule next week. Till then, happy baking! :)

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