Ladyfinger Sandwiches

These came about kind of randomly, in search of something OTHER than Tiramisu to use my ladyfingers with. And at first, I even thought, maybe I could do my own pastry cream, something tasting like the custard from Boston Cream Pie. But the reliable fear of making my own custard rose back up, and I wound up using vanilla pudding. I think chocolate would be better, but I knew that if it was chocolate, Dave wouldn't eat it. *shrug*

It is completely easy to make and easy to change flavors, just by using a different pudding. A quick dessert or nighttime snack. And you'll have pudding left over afterwards to enjoy by itself. :)

(Because, really, how much more can I say about these? LOL)

Instant pudding, any flavor you'd like
Ladyfinger cookies

Make pudding according to package directions and let set. Spread onto ladyfingers. Enjoy.

(Yeah, told you it was easy LOL)

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